The First Month With Twins

One month down.

I don’t believe I ever officially announced that the babies were born here on this blog. New mom-brain. And epic fail to not even announce your babies on a mom blog.

A little over a month ago, my twin baby girls were born. They came early, at 34 weeks+2 days, and spent 2 weeks in the NICU after the fact. I’m working on writing their birth story at the moment…kind of.

Now they’re home, and I’m learning to adjust to having 2 tiny, demanding, helpless humans. To say my hands are full would be an understatement. Working on much of anything has taken a backward but hopefully that will improve over time.

Over the last month I’ve really struggled with how much harder having 2 at a time is compared to just 1. Everything has been a struggle as I learn to feed, carry, and change 2 at once. It’s definitely been a juggling act, and much harder than I expected.

Oh but they are so cute though and the calm moments when we cuddle happily are the moments I live for.

It’s so amazing learning their personalities and getting to know them. I was so worried about getting them mixed up – I even left their hospital bracelets on for weeks as a way to tell them apart – but I’ve discovered enough subtle differences to tell them apart now which helps a lot.

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I also write on Medium, I recently posted about how much I am hating breastfeeding lately. I also posted about how much I struggled while my babies were in the NICU, as well as a story about how much more difficult I found it being pregnant in my late 30s vs my early 20s.

I’m going to just end this post here, as I’m pretty sure I have diapers to change and babies to feed. Drop me a comment with your best piece of advice for raising twins!

Personal Updates (+ Pictures!)

This blog has been a little quiet lately as I’ve been focusing on other projects as well as growing these babies. So I thought rather than posting about any specific topic, I’d just post a quick update here as well as maybe link to some of the things I’ve been working on lately.

How Are The Babies Doing?

The twins are doing pretty good. They’re definitely coming earlier than expected, which has been a weird emotional rollercoaster for me.

I’m excited to meet them but obviously worried that being born too early could be bad for them.

Currently I’m exactly 34 weeks pregnant and while I won’t say precisely when they will be joining us I’ll say it is soon. (The main reason for early delivery has to do with blood flow issues that indicate that the placenta isn’t doing the work that it needs to be doing to keep them both healthy inside my body much longer.)

So at the moment I’m just staying positive, getting prepared, and trusting in the doctors who are tasked with helping us welcome these little ones into the world.

Physically, I’m incredibly uncomfortable and in that weird limbo state of feeling “done” while also feeling “not ready yet.”

My Favourite Baby Products

We’ve been so absolutely spoiled by friends and family members lately, and it’s been so appreciated. These are some of my favourite things we’ve either received or purchased ourselves over the last few months that I’m really excited about (click the picture to view on purchase on Amazon – these are affiliate links which means I will possibly earn a small commission if you purchase through them, but you are in no way obligated to)

Maternity Pictures

My daughter took some maternity pictures for me recently. I wanted some nice ones before this pregnancy was done, and she was sweet enough to offer to help. I love how they turned out, even though I picked a bad time of day to get them done and the sun kind of made things difficult, but I’m happy with them.

Youtube Videos

I started uploading videos on Youtube about a year or so ago, for no real reason other than I wanted to learn how the platform works and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to learn how to edit videos.

In recent months I’ve been uploading videos specifically about my pregnancy, you can find the most recent one below. I’ve also posted a few general pregnancy updates you can see if you go visit my channel (if you have a Youtube channel as well, please leave me the link and I’ll come subscribe to you!)

Social Media Links

Follow me around on various other platforms if you’d like!

I hope if you’re reading this you’re doing well, if you’re expecting a baby any time over the next 9 months or so let me know how far along you are and how you’re feeling.

Stay safe and I’ll be back with another new post soon hopefully!