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Moms Get In The Picture! (Take More Pictures With Your Kids)

(Photo by Monstera: https://www.pexels.com/photo/delighted-multiethnic-family-taking-selfie-sitting-on-couch-5996835/) It is a well know, widely complained about phenomenon: when it comes to pictures, moms are often nowhere to be seen. There are several reasons this seems to be the case.. A lot of women don’t really like to be… Continue Reading “Moms Get In The Picture! (Take More Pictures With Your Kids)”

Get More REST! Essential Products to Improve Your Babies Sleep (And Maybe Yours Too!)

Baby sleep is an interesting, complex thing. Some babies sleep amazingly straight away. Others…don’t. Ours don’t. And that’s really tough, especially because there are 2 of them. It’s really difficult to soothe both at once, which is inevitably the case when they keep waking… Continue Reading “Get More REST! Essential Products to Improve Your Babies Sleep (And Maybe Yours Too!)”

Things I Miss Most About Being Pregnant

If I’m being honest, I never thought I’d miss being pregnant. I hated it, a lot of the time. Or at least I thought I did at the time. It was so much harder than I expected the second time around, I assume partly… Continue Reading “Things I Miss Most About Being Pregnant”

I (Sort Of) Chickened Out On Baby-led Weaning

Babyled Weaning

I first learned about Baby-led Weaning (BLW) while I was pregnant and watching one of my favourite Youtube moms, Brittany Balyn. She’s done multiple videos where she talks about her BLW journey with her daughter and that made me really interested in the subject.… Continue Reading “I (Sort Of) Chickened Out On Baby-led Weaning”

It’s Really Hard To Not Hate Other Mothers With Large Families Sometimes

(This post was written in February 2021 just before I discovered I was pregnant with twins. I’m posting it now, all this time later because I think it might still resonate with others going through the same thing or something similar.) This is one… Continue Reading “It’s Really Hard To Not Hate Other Mothers With Large Families Sometimes”

23 Ridiculous Questions To Ask Your Teenager

When my daughter started school, I became a master of coaxing conversation out of her. I wouldn’t settle for the typical one-word answers: “How was your day?” (Good?) “Anything exciting happen?” (No.) Uhhh, No thank you. So instead I would rapid fire specific questions… Continue Reading “23 Ridiculous Questions To Ask Your Teenager”

My Current Favourite Things as a Mom of Twins

Below is a list of the various products I’m currently loving as a mom with twin babies. A lot of it is fairly generic things (helloooo diapers!) but it’s the stuff I find I just can’t do without lately. If you’re interested in purchasing… Continue Reading “My Current Favourite Things as a Mom of Twins”

Breastfeeding Woes

Breastfeeding is hard. I wrote an article HERE on Medium about how much breastfeeding sucks. Because at the time…it sucked. Since writing that, I also started working on a piece about how amazing breastfeeding is. Because it is, even when it sometimes sucks. There… Continue Reading “Breastfeeding Woes”

The First Month With Twins

One month down. I don’t believe I ever officially announced that the babies were born here on this blog. New mom-brain. And epic fail to not even announce your babies on a mom blog. A little over a month ago, my twin baby girls… Continue Reading “The First Month With Twins”

Personal Updates (+ Pictures!)

This blog has been a little quiet lately as I’ve been focusing on other projects as well as growing these babies. So I thought rather than posting about any specific topic, I’d just post a quick update here as well as maybe link to… Continue Reading “Personal Updates (+ Pictures!)”