I’m Not Enough Of A Mom To Have A Mom Blog

Or at least that’s what I let myself believe for longer than I care to admit.

Ok, it’s 13 years. My daughter was born 13 years ago and way back then I wanted to start a mom blog but I kept talking myself out of it.

First she was too young, I hadn’t been a mom long enough. Then as she got older and secondary infertility stole the chance to give her a sibling, I convinced myself that being a mom to just one took me out of the running to be a mom blogger. I let myself fall for the idea that I’m less of a mom than those I know who have 2 or more kids. It was ridiculous. It still is. But I let myself believe it for way too long.

In all that time that I was convincing myself that I wasn’t “enough” of a mom to have a mom blog I was busy raising this really awesome person, who like I said is now 13, and recently I decided I was done with not doing this thing that I’ve wanted to do for so long.

So here is it. This is my mom blog.

Obviously it’s brand new and nowhere near what I hope it will eventually become but I wanted a place of my own where I can talk about parenting, being a mom, raising a teenager, or any other family related things that might pop up in my mind as time goes on.

Hopefully if you’re reading this, you will join me as I start on this new blogging adventure.