Mom-Friendly Fall Fashion Ideas

Right now in mid-August it’s hard to imagine Fall is right around the corner, but it definitely is and will be here before we know it. And though technically fashion isn’t my main focus here on Motherhood In Progress, nor something I’m particularly skilled at, it’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately so in today’s blog that’s what we’re going to get into.

Fall can be a bit of a tricky time here in Alberta, Canada, because our Winters tend to hit pretty hard and fast so we might just get a couple short weeks of Fall-like weather before being hit with snow. I sometimes joke that we don’t actually get Spring or Fall here, just Early-Winter and Late-Winter. A couple of years ago we actually got our first snow fall in September which is still technically SUMMER sooo…yeah. Fall isn’t really a thing we get. BUT, I’m still an absolute sucker for Fall fashion and couldn’t resist doing a little daydreaming – and a LOT of shopping – and I figured I might as well make a blog post of some of the new finds that are making their way into my closet.

Fall fashion typically relies on layers. It can often be that awkward time of year when the day starts out chilly so you toss on a sweater but then by noon the sun is out, it feels like summer again and you’re regretting all your choices because you’re just too damn hot.

Now I’m not really great at keeping up with fashion trends. I never know what is in style, nor do I really care. For me, comfort is the main thing and one thing I love about Fall is that a lot of the clothing tends lean towards comfort and coziness and typically includes a lot of oversized fits and soft fabrics, which are two things I love.

I’m especially excited for the idea of fall fashion at the moment for two main reasons: 1) Cooler weather will be a relief after a hot summer, which I spent heavily pregnant, and 2) Since the twins are due in late October, then fall means it’ll be the first time in months I’ve been able to dress my body without it being actively inhabited by other people. (and yes, please don’t remind me about the difficulties of adjusting to a postpartum body or life with two new babies, I’m talking strictly about not carrying babies inside my body anymore at that point!)

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Fall Fashion Staples

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Oversized, chunky sweaters are a Fall must have. Weather you go for the knitted pullover style or prefer cardigans, you need big sweaters when the weather gets colder. Bonus if they have pockets. Because, pockets.

Flannel shirts seem to reemerge when the leaves start changing colours, and for good reason, they’re cute and can be dressed up and down in a variety of ways.

Skirts aren’t typically the first thing most people think of when thinking Fall fashion but I still tend to be drawn to them pretty frequently, it’s just the style of them seems to change a little. I tend to lean more towards typical Autumn colours and thicker fabrics, and I can’t seem to pass up a plaid skirt.

Leggings are just basically a year round staple for most of us these days but they’re especially necessary in Fall and personally I’m choosing to forget that any other pants (other than sweatpants) even exist, thankyouverymuch.

Colourful or patterned tights and or long socks are both great to have, especially if you are going to be wearing skirts. Bare legs are not the best choice when the weather starts dipping lower. Which is another great thing about Fall, less leg shaving!

Boots of all kinds can be considered Fall must haves. From short ankle boots to knee high styles, typically I try to avoid the ones with heels and look for something with good grip just in case we get those early snowfalls, and I almost always gravitate towards brown.

Scarves, though maybe more for the aesthetic than actual necessity. I mean, come on it’s not Winter yet (unless you live in Alberta, then it probably is!)

Because so much of Fall fashion relies of layering, pieces that don’t technically seem cold-weather appropriate can be amazing to wear underneath those chunkier items. Year round staple pieces like crop tops, tank tops and plain t-shirts are still necessary so you can have something underneath those chunky sweaters and cardigans when you get those occasional warm and sunny Fall days.

For further inspiration, check out my Fall Fashion Inspiration board on Pinterest!

So let me know what you think, what are some of your Fall Fashion staples?